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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

About Me

I mentor people through the process of healing. I use various skills such as Reiki, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Shamanic Journeying as well as Coaching skills. This can be an alternative or an addition to conventional treatment.

Chronic illnesses

As a health & life coach I help people to change the behaviour patterns that made them ill. My special areas of interest are endometriosis, cancer and chronic conditions. If you are not living your best life right now, click below.


As a Reiki Master, I aim to pass on a little bit of the goodness that this Japanese Energy Healing Technique has brought into my life. I belief healing takes place at a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level and energy is the key to all.


Monday Meditations, 7.30-9pm, £10

 6/13/20 May 2024

10/17 June 2024

8/15 July 2024


Full Moon Drum Circles, 7.30-9pm, £10

Flower Moon, 23/5/24

Summer Solstice, 20/6/24

Sturgeon Moon, 21/7/24

Blue Moon, 19/8/24

Autumn Equinox, 22/9/24


Shamanic Dreaming, Saturdays 1-5, £40

18/5, 8/6, 27/7 2024

Inspirational Creative Writing Retreat Day, 15 June 2024, 11-5, £88

with Lucy Parrott & Wenke Langhof-Gold

Using shamanic drums and sound, we will connect to our soul self and be inspired to channel pieces of poetry and prose. Join us for a truly magical day of creative writing with a sharing circle around a fire.

Shamanic Power Retrieval Day Retreat, 13 July 2024, 10-4, £125

Find your true power again and live life to your full potential.

Shamanic Power Retrieval Journey, Sound Bath, Drum Circle, Fire Ceremony. 

A healthy plant based lunch is included.

Drum Birthing Workshop with Helena Eagles, 7 September 2024, 10-5, £300

Make your own shamanic drum, choose your wood, skin and weave your intentions into your very own unique instrument. We will birth your drum together in sacred ceremony and celebration. a truly special experience. 

Watch this Bruce Lipton Video. It best explains why the main focus of my work is reprogramming your subconscious beliefs. If you suffer from endometriosis or another chronic illness, healing will mean looking at your beliefs and habits. 

Seasonal Foraging Walks

with Natasha Crompton & Wenke Langhof-Gold

Elderflower Walk in Kings Heath, 26 May 2024

(3 hours, Time to be specified), £33

Learn how to connect to the spirit of elder, and how to collect flowers and plants with intention. After bringing our flowers home to be blessed in a Reiki and crystal energy ceremony, you will start off your very own elderflower juice. You'll go home with a jar of juice, which will need to be boiled and strained at home 2 days later. Make & enjoy your very own, supercharged elderflower power juice. 

This is a replay from "Goddess Now 2021". I was asked by curator Kate Mieczkowska to talk about my endometriosis healing journey. (I do have a voice condition and have had 5 operations before starting my healing journey, so I'm always hoarse.)

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