I love words. I love books. I love stories. I love language.
The reader & writer
in me - lost in words
Writing is a substantial part of everything I do, whether it be writing articles in my early years in Publishing and Marketing or translating business brochures or short stories.
Recently, I have been able to dip into the social media side of things, writing Blogs and Facebook Posts as well as Website Content.
In my heart, I have always wanted to write books and be an author. Like so many of us, who have desires we don't even allow to surface for fear of failure, I kept this my little secret - it was safest to not start at all. Working as a health & life coach made me realize that doing what you love doing, regardless of whether you fail or succeed in other people's eyes, is what we should all aspire to do. So I have started to write my first book. Watch this space!
What is it you have wanted to do for years but are to scared to step into? Book a life coaching session to explore how we can make it happen.
There is no greater agony 
than bearing an untold story
inside of you.
(Maya Angelou)
Editing & Proofreading
Editing and Proofreading, for me, goes hand-in-hand with writing. I have to confess to being a bit of a stickler for commas, full stops and the correct use of words. I'm also a little perfectionist, which can be extremely annoying when you're raking autumn leaves in the garden, but is essential when it comes to editing texts. 
Prices: from £45.00 (€50.00) per page
Given my love for languages, it is not surprising that translating has been part of my professional life for the last 20 years. From articles to business presentations, from letter to brochures, from postcards to fiction, I have been confronted with a truly colourful bouquet of texts and have enjoyed the challenges of this variety.
I am a true believer in the expertise of a native speaker and will happily translate your documents from English and French into German.  
Having by now lived longer in the UK than in Germany, constantly working in both English and German, I also translate from German and French into English.
I specialize in holistic texts, personal development and personal growth. 
Prices: from £0.45 (€0.50) per word

As I child, I used to climb up to the top of my wardrobe, snuggle my back against the warm bricks of the chimney and loose myself in stories, for hours...

With my friends, I'd sit and write silly stories and we'd laugh our heads off at what we had written, carefully hiding the evidence for fear of being ridiculed by our parents (or siblings).

Teenage-hood arrived, introducing me to different languages and cultures... the warm hearts of the suffering Russian soul, the free daring sound of English rock, the sophisticated melodies of classy French... Wow! More words and like a sponge I soaked in as many as I could.

The power of words. They can make you shake with laughter, sob waterfalls of tears, give a voice to your heart, hide your most private secrets between their lines and shape the fears that haunt your nightmares.

I just could not imagine a life without words. So I went to university to study English, French and Russian Literature & Culture (Magister Artium). Reading and writing my way through Uni, I was in heaven. 

Here, I have a confession to make: I'm flaky, I'm flighty, I'm floating through life. My dear Papa likes calling me a "Lebenskuenstler", someone who enjoys life and always finds the positive in every situation. I see life's throw backs as opportunities to learn and grow. I hope I will never stop floating, learning and being amazed by what is around me.

Words are still the biggest part of my life. In my true flaky butterfly-like "Lebenskuenstler" self, I have found a way of making words the centre of my work, without ever anchoring in a specific career harbour. 

I have worked in Publishing, Marketing, Teaching and Translating. I now work as a Writer, Health & Life Coach and Reiki Master helping people to find words to describe what is really going on in their lives and deep in their hearts. I have always enjoyed and still enjoy making words my world. So here is to a true love story! May we live happily ever after...

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