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Clients' Testimonials

In this day and age we're bombarded by marketing messages - people trying to sell us happiness, health, the latest must-have gadgets, miracle cures and the list goes on. It's hard to know who you can trust and who is actually interested in your well-being. I always like recommendations and knowing how a certain approach has helped others.


So here are some client testimonials that might persuade you to get in touch to see if working together feels right for both of us. 


12-Week Programmes

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Reiki Courses

Hi Wenke, The Budwig Workshop Day was an absolute success! You are without doubt engaging, informative, witty and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. You manage to combine a light-hearted delivery with the air of someone who has total belief and conviction to the lifestyle you are promoting. To have me chugging down salad followed by vegetable curry with a smile completely amazed my wife and I have to hold my hand up, it surprised me too. This is obviously down to your legendary cooking skills but is a credit to you that you were able to coerce S.and myself into chipping in and cooking the food that we ate for lunch. A really great experience, and something that I think would bring people around to the concept of changing the way that how cooking and choosing what you cook is important. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and your presentation, very easy and not in your face! I also enjoyed the first time I meditated! This and the silent walk were a great part of the experience.
I absolutely enjoyed the day and feel it's going to make a difference to our lifestyle.
For that I thank you and wish you great success!

D. A. , Tamworth (Budwig Workshop)

Last August I was told that I had stage 4 endometriosis. After a consultation with a gynaecologist I was told that I would need to be put into early menopause (I’m 41) and if that successfully reduced my pain then they would schedule a full hysterectomy. This was something that I was not ready for and did not want but thought it was my only option, enter Wenke! After my first meeting with Wenke I couldn’t wait to begin my journey. Wenke put me totally at ease and it was such a relief to meet someone who had been through what I had been through and understood the pain I suffered. Wenke’s 12 week endometriosis course has been amazing, she has taught me to accept my endometriosis as part of me and how changing my diet, how I think and realigning myself can all have an impact on my body and wellbeing. Wenke has given me the tools I need to be able to do all this and it works! I have to say I was definitely a “glass is half empty“ kind of girl before Wenke worked her magic, now my glass is most definitely half full. 

I can’t thank or recommend Wenke enough. My endometriosis is under control without the need for surgical intervention and I am a lot more positive. I work at a secondary school and am hoping to be able to introduce some of what Wenke has taught me with the students. 

Thank you Wenke!

I came away Saturday feeling, SOMETHING! You instilled a thought / feeling in me which was more positive than I have felt for a long time. I would like to continue our meetings as I feel you can definitely focus my life going forward and help me release the inner gimp.

D.A., Birmingham (Reiki Treatment & Life Coaching)

I visited Wenke for the first time last week and have been blown away by the feeling of well-being I have been experiencing ever since. My Reiki session was a wonderful encounter and I truly believe Wenke has a gift tuning in and providing healing energy to where your body needs it. I was warmly welcomed upon my arrival, putting me immediately at total ease, Wenke's sincerity shone through. Thereafter an hour of sheer peace and relaxation ensued in an otherwise hectic schedule. I shall be highly recommending Wenke and will certainly be visiting her again.

C.J., Knowle (Reiki Treatment)

K.H., Solihull (12-Week-Total Endometriosis Transformation Programme)

I completed my Reiki 1 training with Wenke in September/October 2019. It’s a fantastically comprehensive two days and I can’t recommend Wenke enough. She is so knowledgeable and patient and a fantastic teacher. Reiki found me and that lead me to Wenke and I don’t regret a second. 

C.R., Warwick (Reiki 1 Course)

I have had a number of Life Coaching and Reiki sessions with Wenke over the last two years and I can highly recommend spending time with her. 


Spending a morning talking nutrition and sharing a meal with Wenke followed by a Reiki treatment is definitely nourishment for the body and soul. 


Wenke has an extremely kind heart and during her sessions she creates a safe space where you can explore your feelings, hopes and dreams.  

D. G., Knowle (Reiki Treatments, Health & Life Coaching)

Wenke is the most magical Reiki teacher! She taught me my level 1 certification and I will most definitely be going back to do Reiki level 2. 


I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 days training with Wenke, she’s not only a beautiful soul, but a fountain of knowledge! The day is thoughtfully planned out, and she provided the most delicious plant based lunch.


I could tell a lot of time and effort went into the training days. If you’re looking to start learning Reiki, look no further.

A.H., Leamington (Reiki Level 1 Course)

After reaching a crisis point in my life (work related stress/ procrastination/ menopausal etc.), Wenke’s 12 week ‘Best Version of Myself’ programme was perfectly timed to help me make sense of my jumbled mind. I found Wenke to be great fun and very down to earth, and immediately felt relaxed in her company. She is a knowledgeable and gifted practitioner and with her ongoing guidance, I could feel my energy and drive returning after each session. Having now completed the course I can honestly say that I feel so much more focused, calmer and altogether healthier. Wenke has given me the tools I need going forward and I highly recommend her and look forward to continuing my life’s journey with her support.

L.A., Solihull (12 Week Best Version of Myself Transformation Programme)

It's been a whirlwind year for me and doing Reiki 2 with you has given me a new purpose. The last four months have been tough for me, but you have been there with encouragement and showed me the way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

C.R., Warwick (Reiki 2)

The last few years have been a real roller coaster for me and in 2019, aged 31, I had burned out in my career as well as in my home life. I felt restless and without hope. I gave up, my existence was reduced to "functioning" rather than "living". 

Luckily, in 2020, I met Wenke and my journey towards positive change began. It didn't take long before I trusted her enough to book onto one of her 12 week programmes. In my darkest hours, Wenke became my light, giving me hope and showing me the strength I had within me to create a more positive life at a time when I had stopped believing in anything, least of all in myself. With her friendly, compassionate, warm and patient way of being, she changed the way I viewed the world. She taught me how important it was to pay attention to my own needs. I had never understood why this was so important, now I do. 

I'm a very analytical, rational, controlled person and showing emotions or feeling into my body did not come easily to me. I focused on everything that wasn't right, but never saw the beauty that was all around me. The journey with Wenke was challenging  and I know I'm not done yet. But I feel like I understand the rules of "the game of life" much better and I know who I am doing it all for: myself! Wenke is incredibly positive, her energy is captivating, she is competent, authentic and loving. Thanks to her support (and her skills such as Reiki, shamanic journeying and EFT) I feel like a new person.


When I started working with Wenke I also wasn't sure about the relationship I was in. Today, I see my partner with different eyes and am so grateful to have him in my life. I have learned to see the positive in situations and have got to know myself so much better during the 12 weeks.

Before working with Wenke, I had twice spent time in a psychosomatic clinic for depression and had been in psychosomatic therapy for more than 10 years. The last year with Wenke has changed more in me than all those years with other therapists. Her approach is very different and she focusses on solutions rather than the problems. I can highly recommend her and believe everyone can fully trust her. Her mission in life truly is to help people. 

When I decided to book Wenke's 12 week course "Best Version of yourself" I was very unbalanced. Work was tiring and my relationship was not going well either. Due to the high work load, my batteries were running on empty and my motivation was pretty much non-existent. 

Then I met Wenke and contrary to psychotherapists I had seen, who had tried to tell me I was suffering from depression and that it wasn't my fault that things weren't going well in my life, Wenke looked behind the mask of the patient to find the human being I truly was. 

We got to know each other and I soon trusted her enough to open up to her. Together we started to work on strategies and solutions. Sometimes, it was just a matter of sticking notes everywhere that reminded me of what I wanted to do that week, other times we tapped or talked about my traumatic childhood and I learned that I needed to work on myself in order to find forgiveness. 

Throughout the 12 weeks I felt in very good hands, I learned so much and I became a better person. Opening up wasn't easy, but in hindsight I do not regret for a second having done it. 

Even today, having finished the 12 weeks a while ago, I use what I learned to stay in my power and to remain positive. At home and at work things run much more smoothly and I am finally happy again and feel in balance. I am so grateful to Wenke for what she made me achieve and if anyone is unsure about booking a course with her, I can unreservedly recommend her. Her course will change you for the better!

B. T., Germany (12 Week course "Best Version of Myself")

W.C., Germany (12 Week course "Best Version of Myself")

I decided to do Wenke's 12 week course as a treat for myself. With Wenke's help, I didn't just learn methods that make living life so much easier, but have also started an amazing process of change and growth. Each of us has their own path, their own life's journey and while only we can walk our path, Wenke is the most helpful and wonderful guide and companion to have beside you on this journey. I have learned so much in our 12 weeks together: how to accept and love myself, how to make myself happy, how to be grateful for life, how to live with more awareness and how to deal with stressful situations. I realized, that I needed to forgive certain people in my life. Not for them, but for my own inner peace, setting myself free from within. I am so happy to have started this journey. Even if facing past beliefs, reflecting on my own behaviour, looking at "mistakes made in the past" and speaking openly about my feelings has often been emotionally challenging, Wenke always gave me the strength to do what was necessary to release and let go of what no longer served me. I left every single session feeling optimistic and full of a newly found energy. For that, I would like to thank you, Wenke, from the bottom of my heart!

J. T., Germany (12 Week "Best Version of Myself")

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