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Endometriosis Awareness Month March 2022 Goodbye Endo, hello life! (28)

Emotions are energetic frequencies

Every day, we are learning to understand our body as energy. Thoughts and feelings are energies which affect the energy vibration of our own energy field and the vibrational frequency in every single cell of our body. Dr. Johanna Budwig saw illness and disease as an energy problem. We know, that cancer cells, for instance, vibrate at a much lower energy frequency than healthy cells. Her whole approach therefore was to find ways of raising the energy in the body. Food is one way of doing this, but the most powerful way is positive thinking.

Our emotions are 'energy in motion'. If we measure peoples energy levels when they feel certain emotions, we can actually see the different frequency ranges. Negative emotions like anger, fear, worry, shame, guilt vibrate at a low frequency range, while emotions such as joy, gratitude, love, peace put our cells into high vibrational frequencies. We all use energy language to describe this phenomenon: 'I'm feeling low today', 'There were good or bad vibes (vibrations) at this party', 'S/he is on my wavelength'. We reference vibrations and use high-low as descriptions for our mood all the time, without knowing that what we are saying is actually true. Each cell in our body vibrates. And our emotions influence the frequency range they vibrate in.

Now the true power of all this positive thinking stuff we have been learning sinks in. By making myself think positive thoughts, I raise the vibrations in my cells. Science also knows that a cell that vibrates in a higher range can activate an inbuild mechanism for self-healing. A cell vibrating in a lower range seems to not have the power to do this.

Okay. My rose-tinted glasses go on. From now on, I am going to just focus on the positive. I will not allow anything bad to enter my thoughts. Now I get why they want us to see our illnesses as friends. If I regard endometriosis as my enemy, the negative emotions (hatred, worry, anger, grief or fear) will prevent me from activating my body's self-healing power. If I treat endo as my friend, I will stay emotionally in those higher vibrations and in these higher frequencies, healing is at least a possibility. I get it.

Apparently, there is also a system of resonance at play. Frequencies of the same range tend to be attracted to each other. If you vibrate high, you attract high ranges. Bad vibes attract bad energy vibrations into your field.

So effectively this means, that everything we think, say or feel directly influences our body's ability to heal. Oh my! Watching and observing every single thought my mind thinks is going to be a colossal task! All our daily exercises help us do this better and better each day. Developing awareness, learning how to transform how we word things, looking for the learning potential in everything that happens, taking responsibility for our life and our choices, being 100% honest with ourselves at all times and truly becoming aware of our needs. Day after day, week after week, we learn new techniques to master the art of positive thinking. We learn to recognize that maybe, just maybe, our illnesses are a chance to change. A springboard into a new, better life. Could it be possible that I will look back at all these years of pain and agony and be grateful for them one day for having been the catalyst that brought me home to my true self?

The hardest thing is to become aware of the fact 'that I am thinking'. I am so used to my mind rattling on constantly in some inner dialogue and mind chatter, that half the time it happens without me even knowing. Like a hawk I start to watch and observe my own mind. Meditations help to experience the difference between thinking, being active and finding inner stillness. Visualizations help to become aware of the effect of negative or positive mind stories on my body and the way I feel. It is fascinating to become aware of how contracted and tense a negative thought make my whole body feel and how much lighter, open and expanded a positive thought makes me feel.

A little trick to stop myself from thinking negative thoughts is to say 'STOP' whenever I become aware of my mind going into the negative (or into unnecessary ramblings). For weeks, I will be saying STOP a lot. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP.



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