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A glimpse into the Shamanic World

Today is the 16 January 2021. From September 2018 all the way through November 2020 I had the honour to be part of an amazing circle of women training to be shamanic practitioners. We were hoping that by postponing our final ceremony to January we would actually be able to come together in person again, but it wasn’t to be and as with most of our 2020 sessions we found ourselves back on Zoom, no less connected, no less honoured, no less beautiful, no less powerful.

The practitioner course would have no doubt been a transformative year for all of us anyway, but to be doing it in the year of Covid 19, where the whole world went through one of the biggest and most monumental shifts for decades, certainly gave it an extra edge.

Becoming a shamanic practitioner does feel like turning yourself inside out, having the courage to be vulnerable, the courage to face your demons, the courage to overcome your deepest fears and to come out the other end more whole than when you started the journey.

To find your true self, you have to go within and that is one of the scariest, yet also the most rewarding journeys you will ever take. For the prize at the end of it is a very real glimpse of who you are when you strip all the human masks away. An overwhelming feeling of “returning home to yourself”.

Today, as part of the practitioner ceremony, we did a shamanic journey in which each of us met our “practitioner guide”, a guide that will be standing by us in our shamanic work with clients, the Doctor Watson to our Sherlock Holmes so to speak.

I hadn’t even gone through the gate to Middle World yet, when a looming figure in a dark hooded cloak appeared behind me, moving beside me with his next stride. I turned and smiled. Next to me was a friend, who had been on various journeys with me this year. We smiled at each other, knowingly and full of mutual respect and love. “It’s you! Hi.” I had to laugh. I certainly had not expected him to appear as my guide, although now that he had, I could totally see that he was just perfect and I could not have wished for a better partner by my side. I smiled, realising that he must have known during all those events we’d mastered together this year – 2020, the year of Covid – that he had been by my side so often for precisely this reason, to become my guide at the end of my practitioner training. I was smiling at Death.

Our journey probably started long ago, many lifetimes ago. In this lifetime, I only became aware of him as someone I deeply honoured and respected, when I was ill with Covid in March 2020. This was about 4 years into my own personal journey of spiritual awakening. I felt deeply connected to “that which is greater than us”, to the energy frequency that some refer to as God and was aware of an incredibly steadfast level of trust I had acquired. A belief that someone was there, constantly holding me, someone who had my back, whatever happened. A belief that nothing could happen to me, for I was that frequency, that energy myself and nothing, not even death could change who I was. That’s when we met, saw eye to eye and I realized for the first time in this lifetime that “I was not scared of Death”.

That realization brought with it an immense sense of liberty, freedom and inner peace. While my body spent two weeks in bed healing, fighting the virus within, I hovered above it, feeling totally safe, knowing I would be fine whatever happened to that body, because that energy part of me, the true me, could never die.

Death and I would sit and chat, my body healing below us. One afternoon, he took his hood down and showed me his true self: a lightbeing of pure love and peace, shining brightly. There is no love purer than that which made him. He was like the brightest star silhouetted into the form of a human, made purely from God’s energy, source energy. Unlike us, he was not bound by a physical body.

He would tell me about what it was like “to be Death”, helping souls transition from this world back into the source energy field that was our home, the place where we all truly belonged, the energy field that vibrated in the frequency of love and light. He helped me realize how much our human existence was based on stories and how many of these stories, especially those about him, were so untrue and had merely been created to spread fear, because fear meant those spreading it could easily control those believing the stories.

After I’d recovered from Covid, he stood beside me when I helped my aunt transition from this world back “home”. One of the most beautiful gifts of this year was to be able to energetically guide her, to show her the light that awaited her on the other side, the light she was; to take her fear of death away and enable her to embrace that transition with joy and peace in her heart.

Death and I had a very intense, beautiful evening together on Halloween night in the Forest of Dean, surrounded by ancient beech trees. A quick online search revealed that “beech can signify the death or end of something, but also stand for the changes that rise through realisation. Since its gift is the revelation of experience, beech suggests you should cross the threshold that is challenging you, gain experience from the unknown, seek revelation and increase your knowledge”.[i]

It seemed no coincidence that on that Halloween night I should find myself surrounded by hundreds of ancient beeches, with the most incredible blue moon shining down on me through their branches. In fact it was here I realized that a blue moon was indeed a rare thing and needed to be treasured as something that only happened “once in a blue moon”. Looking back now, this was the night I was initiated, the night I found out that my own light was strong enough to shine alongside Death’s.

Throughout the year, Death would pop in briefly on other occasions, but I suppose 2020 was a busy year for him. There were many souls that were ready to transition back home, having learned what they needed to learn in this lifetime. Some would be happy to return “back home” to the energy field that is God, the energy from which all is created. Many would stay awhile in that field, while others no doubt would be ready to be born anew, ready to return back to Earth in a heartbeat. For this was an exciting time on Mother Earth, the time of human awakening: the Age of Aquarius.

As the year progressed, it became clearer to me, that my life purpose was to bring people into the light, to make people aware of the light they truly were. I developed a deeper understanding of what the term enlightenment actually meant: to recognise that we are all pure light in essence. There are two ways to wake up or awaken to this truth: one is to actually reach enlightenment while still very much alive and kicking; the other way is to reach it (and we all do eventually) when our bodies die and we separate from our physical home to reunite with God, to become the frequency of love and light yet again.

So after this incredible year 2020, was I surprised to see Death appear by my side as my practitioner guide? Not really. I was honoured, happy and full of a deep love for the work we would accomplish together. He lowered his hood and put his bright hand of light on my shoulder. We turned towards each other and just smiled. No words were needed. We both knew everything there was to know at that moment. He stood behind me as our circle of shamanic practitioners got ready for the final ceremony - a wedding ceremony that would bind us together, that would connect each practitioner with their guide forever.

When my turn came, I walked - Death right beside me, his hand on my shoulder - around the ceremonial fire and the ceremonial medicine wheel three times, feeling the deep connection between us. I asked “So what’s our task.” And he answered “It is time to teach as many humans as we can, that they don’t have to wait for death to see the light. It is time to make them aware, that they are light and that they can live as that light on Earth. Heaven on Earth exists for those ready to see.”

So that was my day, my 16 January 2021. I feel sharing this powerful and beautiful story is important. I feel ready to embrace my purpose, ready to help any soul that is open for this knowledge. Ready to teach souls how to open their eyes and see the light on Earth, see the light they are and help them to shine their light brightly onto the world. For this world is heaven, it is paradise and I truly believe that over the next few centuries humankind will awaken to this consciousness and more and more of us will be able to see. The veils of illusion will be lifted.

With the knowledge of who we truly are, we will be able to rebalance our own existence with that of Mother Earth and all beings that alongside us are made from God’s frequency. All made of the one source energy, all returning to the one energy source, simply manifesting as different life forms onto this beautiful planet Earth until Death helps us all to transition again and again, in the continuous circle of life.


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